Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Okay here goes!!!!

I am new to this so here goes!!! LOL I have been wanting to create a blog for sometime now but have to admit that it kinda intimidated me. But I have to say that its actually kind of fun! I have a ton to learn!
So there are gong to be many changes in my life in the next few months. First of all my husbands twin brother Ac is moving back and is going to be staying with us! This is my husbands twin brother so needless we are excited! He has lived the past few years in Texas, and is very ready to come home!
Then in March we are moving to Twin Falls, Id wich is about 2 hrs from here. My husband is being transfered there to work in the new Walmart. For him this will be moving home as he grew up in the Jerome/Twin Falls area. Big changes for me as none of my kids are coming with. My youngest will stay with my sister the last 2 months of school until he graduates. Thats gonna be the really strange part for me but I am confident they will do okay as they are good kids and I think I raised them well! Mom will prob have a harder time LOL This also means that I am gonna have to find a new job! UUUGGHHH I am such a creature of habit and like being at a job forever so that otta prove to be fun LOL . I know that its gonna be a good move but just lots of changes!
Well Thats all for now! Will try and post a pic with my post tomarrow.