Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay I can chill for a min !!!! LOL

Okay so WalMart had us all stressed out!!! LOL After having told us they would pay to transfer us, they said in a meeting Friday that they were not paying for the transfers any more. So needless to say we were a bit panicked. Having been told they were going to assist with the move we have not saved a lot of money for it. We figured between what they were to give us and our last checks before the move we would have what we needed. But with out it there was no way!!! UUUGGGHHHH So Bc had to go into the office today and see what was up.... Thank GOD they told him that since they had already committed to this group to pay that they would...... But as Bc said don't compleatly count on it til we see it!!!!!
Another thing we found out today was that Bc does not have to report to the new store until the 24th so he will work here unil the 13th. Therefore I am also gonna work until the 13th. That means one more pay check LOL So then we will move that week end or first of the next week!!!
So now we have longer to get ready to move too. Thats a def plus LOL
Any way will update again soon!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gotta love Sundays

I just love sundays! I get to stay in my jammies all day!! I also like to be able to make breakfast for the family!!! Bc worked a closing shift so was able to sleep in and enjoy breakfast with us too. Today was Bisquets and gravy. YUMMY I then made oatmeal cookies and put a ham in to bake all day, and made "funeral" potatoes to go with it.
Most of the day I was on my own as Bc was at work, the boys off doing thier own thing, and Ac and Holden had gone to Twin Falls to visit Ac's other 2 kids! So I spent some time in my scrapbook room! I almost have one card created and the stuff all cut out for the kits. I am gonna make at least one more so I have to get that done this week.. I also packed a few more boxes in my scrapbook room.
I have 2 more weeks left of work, OMG I can't believe that I have so little time left! Holy crap I can't believe time is flying so quickly! I swear I will never get everything done!!! UUUGGHHH I am definatly gonna have to work diligently the next few weeks!!!!

Okay I am gonna go find a pic of my kids to post, this is my daughter Ashley and her boy friend Austin.

This my boys Emilio and Alex!!!!!!!

Okay well I am outta here for now!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Hey everyone I hope you all had a great Valentines day!!!! As for me I had to work!!! YUCK!!! LOL

My day started off just loveley with going to donate plasma and then being defered for the day. The NEW GIRL that drew my blod was a stinking mess and could not get any thing right! She made a mess of my chart marking things where they were not supose to be and I actually had to keep reminding her to do things she was forgetting!!! I honestly dont think she had enough blood in the vile and I ask her too! But no she claimed she did..... Makes me mad I lost 3o bucks LOL

Then It was off to work. That was quite un eventful with only like 5 customers all day!!! I then had to run an errand for my mom. While I was at it I dropped off a valentine for her and my daughter. Then it was off home to make dinner. I made Fetticinni Alfredo with chicken.. YUMMY!!! My evening has been just spent vegging though as Bc had to work!!! So nothing to exciting for me today!!! Oh well was nice to relax any way!!! Above is a pic of the cards I made for everyone today!

Okay so I will now also post the pic of my cousins absolulty adorible baby boy!!! Now that I have figured this out ( I think LOL)

Friday, February 13, 2009


Okay so I do not know what I did wrong but no pic!!! I am gonna gave to ask he advice of someone to figure it out I guess!!! LOL Well I will try again tom!


Hey there can I say TGIF??? I am so glad today is Friday!! I have to work tom but still nice to have the week winding down!
Being as today is Friday the 13th were gonna have a Friday the 13th movie bash at my house tonight!! I can't tell ya how long its been since I have watched scary movies! LOL Any way Jenni and the girls are gonna come over after work and were just gonna veg and have a good time. I am excited for this as I am trying to spend as much time with those I care about before moving!!!!
Last night my sister Tammy and I went to visit my cousin in the hospital! She just had an absolutely adorable baby boy named Dalyn Mathew Farr(not sure the spelling is correct)!!! I got to hold him and love on him!! I just adore lil babies!!! Here is a pics of the lil sweety!!!
Okay well I best got off here and see if I can find some work to do!!! LOL I will see ya all tom and ost some pics of our Movie bash!!! Hugs

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where is the time going?????

Hey there people. Okay so I am setting here really wondering why time flies by so quickly???? I only have a little over 2 weeks left of work. And my husband told me 2 weeks ago not to worry we have plenty of time!!!! LOL I have so much to do in so little time!
I actually started packing some stuff over the week end! Boy I wish I would of left all the junk in the boxes when I moved in October! LOL I swear I will never get to do all the things I would like to before we leave! I started packing a bit of my scrapbook room but have a few things to do before that can be done!!!! I am attending the Express the moment Crop on the 21st YEAH!!!! So I need to leave the stuff out to take to that. Also I am going to a card crop on the 23rd with Tiffany, Nancy, Stephanie and a few other ladies! I have got to get those kits put together then I guess it will be time to pack up all my crap!!! LOL I am having anxiety over having it packed for so long!!!! LOL But hey who knows I may end up with an even better scrap space????
So the last little bit my boys have been incredibly grouchy!! I am wondering if the reality of mom leaving is starting to kick in????? My youngest claims its not, but who knows!!!
Okay I guess thats all for now! I will def try to post more often! Ta ta for now!!!