Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where is the time going?????

Hey there people. Okay so I am setting here really wondering why time flies by so quickly???? I only have a little over 2 weeks left of work. And my husband told me 2 weeks ago not to worry we have plenty of time!!!! LOL I have so much to do in so little time!
I actually started packing some stuff over the week end! Boy I wish I would of left all the junk in the boxes when I moved in October! LOL I swear I will never get to do all the things I would like to before we leave! I started packing a bit of my scrapbook room but have a few things to do before that can be done!!!! I am attending the Express the moment Crop on the 21st YEAH!!!! So I need to leave the stuff out to take to that. Also I am going to a card crop on the 23rd with Tiffany, Nancy, Stephanie and a few other ladies! I have got to get those kits put together then I guess it will be time to pack up all my crap!!! LOL I am having anxiety over having it packed for so long!!!! LOL But hey who knows I may end up with an even better scrap space????
So the last little bit my boys have been incredibly grouchy!! I am wondering if the reality of mom leaving is starting to kick in????? My youngest claims its not, but who knows!!!
Okay I guess thats all for now! I will def try to post more often! Ta ta for now!!!

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