Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Hey everyone I hope you all had a great Valentines day!!!! As for me I had to work!!! YUCK!!! LOL

My day started off just loveley with going to donate plasma and then being defered for the day. The NEW GIRL that drew my blod was a stinking mess and could not get any thing right! She made a mess of my chart marking things where they were not supose to be and I actually had to keep reminding her to do things she was forgetting!!! I honestly dont think she had enough blood in the vile and I ask her too! But no she claimed she did..... Makes me mad I lost 3o bucks LOL

Then It was off to work. That was quite un eventful with only like 5 customers all day!!! I then had to run an errand for my mom. While I was at it I dropped off a valentine for her and my daughter. Then it was off home to make dinner. I made Fetticinni Alfredo with chicken.. YUMMY!!! My evening has been just spent vegging though as Bc had to work!!! So nothing to exciting for me today!!! Oh well was nice to relax any way!!! Above is a pic of the cards I made for everyone today!

Okay so I will now also post the pic of my cousins absolulty adorible baby boy!!! Now that I have figured this out ( I think LOL)

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