Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gotta love Sundays

I just love sundays! I get to stay in my jammies all day!! I also like to be able to make breakfast for the family!!! Bc worked a closing shift so was able to sleep in and enjoy breakfast with us too. Today was Bisquets and gravy. YUMMY I then made oatmeal cookies and put a ham in to bake all day, and made "funeral" potatoes to go with it.
Most of the day I was on my own as Bc was at work, the boys off doing thier own thing, and Ac and Holden had gone to Twin Falls to visit Ac's other 2 kids! So I spent some time in my scrapbook room! I almost have one card created and the stuff all cut out for the kits. I am gonna make at least one more so I have to get that done this week.. I also packed a few more boxes in my scrapbook room.
I have 2 more weeks left of work, OMG I can't believe that I have so little time left! Holy crap I can't believe time is flying so quickly! I swear I will never get everything done!!! UUUGGHHH I am definatly gonna have to work diligently the next few weeks!!!!

Okay I am gonna go find a pic of my kids to post, this is my daughter Ashley and her boy friend Austin.

This my boys Emilio and Alex!!!!!!!

Okay well I am outta here for now!

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