Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello From Twin Falls

Okay we are in our new home and about settled. Its been a little more than a week, and I am offically starting to put my scrapbook room together...
This past week end my kids came for the week end so they could check out where mom is now living! We had a great time hanging out, sitting in the hot tub and eating a bunch of yummy food. The kids seemed to feel a bit better I think at least knowing where mom is living.
Yesterday we made a quick one day trip to IF as Bc had to go in for his evaluation from his former store manager... We thought he would get it done and over with but he had Bc setting in the store waiting around for him for 5 hrs. This sucked for Bc but it was nice to have more time to spend a bit of time with family and friends while we waited.
Today is Bc's first official day at work here in Twin, he came home for lunch a bit ago and said its very boaring. They do not even have the hiring center set up. There are not even chairs to set in...
As for me I am gonna get busy today at rewriting my resume. That way I can go around to the diff payday/title loan compaines and hope to find someone hiring. I have got to get busy and find something. I have been unemployed for a week and Need to be working to help out...
Okay well will update soon...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Things are coming together!!!

Okay so we finally heard from the company that helps to orchestrate the move through Walmart. Hopefuly tomarrow we will have it all figured out!
So the plan is to take a truck of stuff next week on monday, and look for a house. Then head back finish up our last days at work here. I actually have thursday the 5th thru wed the 11th off. I finally got someone to tell me how much vacaion time I had available.... So I can use that time to finish packing.Then I believe the plan will be to make the final move over that week end.

One more good note is that my supervisor did tell me he has a location to look at in Twin Falls so I just may have a job to move into there at some time in the future!!! YEAH LOL I so would rather stay working for the company I am with.
It have been so bad at posting on here! I am hoping that once I am moved I will be able to keep up on it more! Well for now I am outta here. I'll keep ya posted!